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Re-coloring the grey spaces: A "Lilac and Her Light" Game Review

Howdy folks! How is it all going? Hopefully good. So I recently managed to set aside some time to complete a game (as if I never have time for it XD), and write a review of it. This time, its going to be a brief review of a game I finished in less than an hour. This is a review of Lilac and Her Light!

Lilac and Her Light is a game developed by Npckc and was released back in October 2018. Its a story based pixelated game(one of my favorite types!) or you can say that its an RPG/Role playing games. You can download it through the Play Store or the developer's website (I'll drop the link below later). The game is pretty small, only around 16 Mb, meaning its practically accessible with phones nowadays. 

The Story

At the start, we will find ourselves playing as a girl, named Lilac, who lives in an extraordinary grey house, in which every house hold items and Lilac herself are also grey. We soon learn that she has an odd condition where everything that made contact with her would lose its color and turn grey. Hence, she isolated herself and spends every day just laying and killing time in her house. But it all changed, after an unexpected guess suddenly arrives.  A witch named Chime comes during the witching hour and offers Lilac her assistance to end her isolation. From there, we will embark on a quick adventure of gathering materials, traveling the town, and sightseeing. 


The gameplay follows a typical story based RPG games, where you will go around places gathering items and interacting with other characters. One of the things that stood out from this game to me is the length/play time, as it only took me less then 30 minutes to complete it. Aside from that, there are also some artworks that appear after certain parts of the game(which I actually find neat). As for the theme, I found it fine as it goes well with the game, regardless of what stage or moment you're in, pretty versatile I would say. Oh, another I would add is to fiddle with your device's brightness as it would help you go through the game XD.

Overall Thought

In spite of the brief experience it offered, I still enjoy it nonetheless. The story is what actually entice me to finish it in one go, that and the theme(oh, don't forget my epiphany towards this kind of games!). In fact, I do believe that its better off this way, for the story to be placed within this narrow timeframe rather than overextending it. Sure, it is not IB nor it is not Alice's Spiritual Judge but that's exactly what set this game apart. So all in all, I give this game an 8.5/10. I can't wait to see and play more games from Npckc, looking forward to seeing more games from you! As for you fellow readers, you can go check the Play Store for it or if you're interested, you can go to their website and see their latest project!

So there goes of what I have now. I'll see you around later and until then, take care, folks! Thanks for stopping by!


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